What Are Gemstone Beads? Are Gemstone Beads Real?

Are you fond of jewelry with beautiful and different gemstones? If yes, this guide will be very helpful for you. An attractive necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings made of beautiful gemstone beads is in huge demand in the market. Several people buy them for wearing and adding more to their beauty. Some people wear them for their internal piece and others get them for decoration. Gemstone beads are unique, elegant and add more value to a piece of jewelry. These are one of the best options when it comes to giving a present to your loved ones. You can also give them to your children, your friends or anyone you want to feel special.

These beads are usually more expensive than glass beads but there are still some semi-precious and affordable gemstones available. You must have heard the quote that states, ‘All that glitters are not gold’. This statement perfectly fits when it comes to buying precious stones.

High demand for these semi-precious beads has led the makers to make fake stones of the same size, color, shape from chemicals. This makes shopping for these beads a little bit tricky. Finding out the gemstones that are made of synthetic stones is not easy and the labels used on them are also confusing.

Many people are not aware of gemstones and the terminology that is used to describe them. They end up paying a high amount for beads that are not even real.

Man-made stones are very beautiful and are either imitated, dyed, or altered. If you want to get natural and real, then you need to be a little educated about them.

There is no fool-proof way to check if gemstones are 100% natural except consulting a gemologist or examining them under a microscope. However, there are a few things that you should take into account while shopping for gemstone beads.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Gemstone Beads

  1. Description

Remember, the more information you get from the seller, the better it will be for shopping for gemstone beads. Always buy from the sellers who provide transparent and complete information about the gemstone or other beads they are selling. Check description includes the origin of the gemstones or from where they’re mined. This information will help you determine if they are natural or not. Look in the description if there are words mentioned such as ‘dyed’, ‘man-made’, ‘genuine’, etc. Some beads in the market appear to be real but in reality, they’re not.

Another thing that is advised to people when shopping for beads is that they should get them from a reliable seller such as Dream Of Stones.

Sellers use terms such as natural, genuine, simulated, or synthetic gemstones. Natural gemstones are those which are directly mined from the earth and are only cut & polished. Genuine gemstones are those which are the same as natural but altered in some ways for enhancing their appearance. Synthetic stones are those which are created in labs and have physical, optical, and chemical qualities same as natural ones. Simulated stones are completely different from natural gemstones.

2. Price

We all know that real things are more expensive than fake ones. Thus, if any seller claims that they sell natural gemstones at a cheaper rate, you need to be aware that he is not genuine. Authentic and natural gems are unique, extraordinary, and rare, which makes them worth more. Before shopping for these beads, you should do some diligent research and find out the average price of these beads in the market.

3. Appearance & Color

When shopping for natural gemstones, another important factor is considering their appearance and color. Real gemstones are only mined, cut, and then sometimes polished but not altered in any way. You will find flaws, blemishes, and imperfections on the beads. Also, two beads or stones can not be exactly the same. On running fingernails over the surface, you’ll feel divots and grooves on them. Beads which are more shining, vibrant, and smooth, are more likely that they are polished, dyed, or altered in some way.

4.The Seller

Another most important factor to consider while shopping for natural stones is the vendor from whom you are buying them. Make sure the seller is trustworthy and reliable. A reputed and genuine seller will complete all the above-mentioned points. They will provide complete information about the stones from their origin to any changes being made to them. Find out and read the reviews and feedback of the customers who purchased beads from them. Customer reviews are an excellent source of information about the seller. At last, you should not shy away from asking any queries or details about the product.


The market is full of exclusive gemstones with a number of colors, cuts, shapes, and styles. Before shopping for gemstone beads, make sure you do your homework and find out the best and credible source to buy these stones from. This way you’ll get the real gemstones at a genuine price.

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