Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Salzburg

Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Salzburg



1 Altstadt Salzburg (Old Town)

Altstadt Salzburg (Old Town)


The Universitätsplatz is a number of wonderful passages known as Durchhäuser weave northward to the Getreidegasse, a busy pedestrian area a lined with old merchant homes dating from the 15th to 18th centuries. The Highlights of a walking tour of this Old Town area are its many wrought-iron shop and inn signs, its beautiful old courtyards, as well as numerous galleries, boutiques, workshops, and cafés. The eastern end of Getreidegasse lies the Kranzlmarkt with the old Town Hall (Rathaus) surrounded by more old medieval houses, some as high as five stories. The Old Market (Alter Markt) stands the 13th-century Court Pharmacy (Hofapotheke), in the middle of the square is the 17th-century St. Florian’s Fountain with its octagonal basin and an even older spiral grille from 1583. In Other Old Town sights are Judengasse with its narrow, twisting lanes, and in the Chiemseehof, built in 1305 and the residence of the Prince Bishops of Chiemsee until 1806; its arcaded courtyard is decorated with coats of arms.


2.Tourist Attractions Place  Salzburg Cathedral



The prominent building in thanks to its twin 79-meter towers, Salzburg Cathedral (Salzburger Dom) was completed in 1657 and is famous for its Italian style and its role as the location of Mozart’s baptism. These building’s west front, facing the Domplatz, has four colossal marble statues, the outer ones representing St. Rupert and Virgil, patron saints of these province, while the inner ones depict Peter and Paul. The Notable features include its three massive bronze doors with their symbols of Faith, Love, and Hope; the high altar with its Resurrection painted in 1628; and the superb frescoes in the vaulting. These burial vaults and artifacts in the crypt are also worth seeing, as is the Cathedral Museum with its collections of liturgical objects and objets d’art from the Salzburg archdiocese its including the 8th-century Carolingian Cross of St. Rupert, Gothic statues and paintings, and items from the Cathedral Treasury.


3. St. Peter’s Church


St. Peter's Church


The One of Salzburg’s oldest and most attractive churches, St. Peter’s Church (Stiftskirche St. Peter) its was completed in 1143, altered in 1625, and decorated in Rococo style between 1757 and 1783 when its distinctive helm tower was added. This Inside the porch under the tower is the Romanesque west doorway dating from 1240, while in the interior, the plan of the Romanesque basilica can still be detected, along with monuments including the rock-hewn tomb of St. Rupert with an epitaph from 1444. In Other notable monuments are those dedicated to Mozart’s sister Marianne (Nannerl), who died in 1829, and to JM Haydn, brother of Joseph. In highlights are the painted altarpieces on the 16 marble altars and the Lady Chapel (Marienkapelle) from 1319, which contains a stone figure of the Virgin, along with Early Gothic frescoes and later frescoes from 1755.



4. Tourist Attractions Place Schloss Mirabell (Mirabell Palace) and Gardens

Schloss Mirabell (Mirabell Palace) and Gardens


This garden used in the filming of The Sound of Music is at Salzburg’s lovely Schloss Mirabell, an excellent example of Baroque landscape design laid out in 1690 with numerous terraces, marble statues, & fountains. These palace itself was remodeled in Baroque style between 1721-27 before being restored in the simpler Neoclassical style after a fire in 1818. This Highlights of a visit include the spectacular Grand Staircase, built in the 18th-century, with a number of statues by Georg Raphael Donner and his pupils. In the Other interesting features are the Marble Hall (still used for concerts and functions) and the Schloss Mirabell Baroque Museum, housed in the Gardener’s Building (the Gärtnergebäude), part of the estate’s Orangery, and exhibiting European art of the 17th and 18th centuries. The former 18th-century aviary is now used for exhibitions, and at the southwestern corner of the gardens stands a small open air theater.

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