Top Snow Treks In India

snow treks in india

The Himalayas are covered under the white sheet of ice during winters & its trails look magical as you are in some divine heaven. Adventure sports like Trekking in Himalayan trails is a dream of many adventure seekers. So here is a list of Top Snow Treks In India which are best to explore for every trekker.


Trail with n number of surprises is hard to find that too in winters. Thick woodlands at the
beginning, out of nowhere venturing into high knolls, extended with the vista of Garhwal and Kumaon tops. Two shrouded lakes Trishul and Nandaghunti top as you you move up. You can see Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, Hathi, Ghoda, and a few focal Garhwal tops around the Badrinath zone from the top.

Being in eastern Garhwal and centrally situated in Uttarakhand, this path typically gets late
snowfall than its western partners. In this way, you can expect snowing and deposited snow from late December. Likewise, this region gets a low level of snowfall than western Garhwal and making it a somewhat helpful trekking trail in January and February. Anyway, there are occasions of hefty snowfall by mid-December, however not typical.


Sandakphu is presumably the best ridge trek in India, circumscribing Darjeeling in West Bengal, India, and Nepal. Eastern Himalayas is known for its long monsoons, and winter is a suitable season for incredible views on the high mountains. This trek is additionally known for its famous Tea House mode, neighboring Nepal. Singalila ridge is renowned for its retaining views on encompassing high piles of Sikkim and Nepal. Kanchenjunga massif, alongside different pinnacles shaping Sleeping Buddha, is the main highlight of this journey.

As previously mentioned, because of its eastern Himalayan area and consequently the lower altitude results in less snow than Uttarakhand treks. The possibility of snow is more in January or February.


This 5-day journey to Kedarkantha Trek is a brilliant experience that takes you to a height of 12,500 feet. This journey is decently hard for those hoping to investigate the Himalayan mountain ranges. Kedarkantha is a significant mainstream objective among enthusiastic travelers. On this journey, you’ll journey across woodlands, meadows, and snowfields, and rest in elevated tents at grand areas covered with a day off. A feature of this journey aside from the Kedarkantha culmination is Juda Ka Taal, which is a captivating lake flanked by thick woods on one side and knolls on the other.


Dayara Bugyal is the best knolls of Himalayan reach and offers an interesting normal
setting to voyagers, a spot where per nearby legends holy messengers live. The trek
goes through little water streams, thick backwoods, and everything to which you accept
to be. Be that as it may, in winters, Dayara Bugyal a somewhat unique view as it stays
shrouded in a thick cover of white snow. still traveling to this spot even in winter is worth


Snow Treks to Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila offers bewitching views on numerous pinnacles like Nanda Devi, Trishul, Chaukhamba, and Kedar. This is the most ideal approach to begin the snow trekking and prepare for future difficulties. On this trek, you will see attractions like Deoria Taal, the Beautiful valley of Chopta covered with snow, the highest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, and finally, Chopta Chandrashila Summit where the snow trek ends.


Kuari Pass trek is just incredible for voyagers to observe the stunning views of the fabulous Himalayas. At the height of 13,990 ft, Kuari top is simply ideal for tenderfoots. Trails experiencing the old woods of Oak and Rhododendron disperses and afterward again advance thick as you go beyond, which makes various picturesque spots and the experience is amazing.


Standing at 15,100 ft on Goecha La, the Goechala trek offers excellent views of huge mountains. In view of the province of Sikkim, the trek neglects the enormous structure of Kanchenjunga and other 14 major culminations. The experience of watching dusk and dawns over snow-shrouded excellent Himalayas is something you will always remember.

Trekking through the beautiful high timberland, you will likewise observe the tear-molded Goecha lake, The Samiti Lake, sixteen heavenly pinnacles noticeable from Dzongri top. You can likewise observe extraordinary wildflowers, lavish oak manor, and thick rhododendron backwoods.


Chadar trek offers the most exceptional trekking experience of all the Himalayan snow treks in India. On the highest point of the trekking rundown of thrill-seekers, strolling on the frozen Zanskar River tests your fitness. The trek begins once the Zanskar river starts to freeze and the favored time for this trek is February.

Beginning from the town of Chilling, during the trek, you get an opportunity of meeting local people that stay close to the camps and find out about their difficult way of life and business in one of the most dreadful districts on the planet. On the off chance that you complete this trek by battling against the risky landscape and awful climate conditions, it will be probably the best experience of your life.


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