See Some Amazing Places in Nigeria 

See Some Amazing Places in Nigeria 

Tourist attractions can attract attention around the world, which goes not only from the founding of the physical building but also embodies structures or places of natural and physical value. If you love nature, then take your airline tickets to  Nigeria right now because you won’t have many better places full of nature in the world.

We’ve taken the time to list tourist attractions in Nigeria. Enjoy!


Gate to the reserves of the Cross Riverand further the rainforests of the Afi Mountains, the city of Calabar is a well-prepared tourist stop on the way to Cameroon or the southern coast of Nigeria. Before embarking on a trip to fantastic primate shrines outside the city, be sure to leave some time and explore the city’s dark past at the Calabar Museum – Calabar was once one of the main slave trade ports in West Africa.

It is also worth visiting the Duke Town Chapel, which is considered one of the oldest Christian worship houses in Nigeria.


People from All Around the World Take Airline Tickets to Visit Olumo Rock! When Are You?

Any visit to the city of Abeokuta would be incomplete without stopping at the “Abeokuta fortress”; Olumo Rock. No wonder this rock is in Abeokuta, because the very name “Abeokuta” means “under the rock,” as it was one of Nigeria’s tourist attractions. Olumo Rock has long served as rock paintings and a fortress for the inhabitants of the Land of Egba, since the nineteenth century.
In Olumo Rock, you can find attractions such as unusual trees, natural tunnels,rock gardens, natural brackets, cracked paths, monuments of the belief system of the original settlers on the rock.


Crazy and full of attractions, Lagos is not only the largest city in Nigeria but also one of the largest in the entire African continent. Yes, almost 18 million people call this house, and the boy shows it! The pulsing streets of beer bars and clubs fill the districts of Ikeja and Victoria Island, where patters, sailors and locals talk about foaming infusions. On the coast, there are also salt-washed promenades and the beautiful range of Lagos Bar Beach. A falling section of golden sand that stylishly connects with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.Getting PIA online ticket booking done is one of the most beautiful ways to reach Nigeria with very reasonable flights and quality services.

Yankari Game Reserve

All roads lead to the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi, northeastern Nigeria. Get ready to experience nature in the country’s most significant wilderness retreat. The reserve will delight you with the number of classes you can participate in. Admire the largest elephant herd in the country, go on a guided tour, and explore tropical forests.

In reserve, you will find different varieties of animal species, including the olive baboon, roan antelope,patas monkey, and more living in their natural habitats. After a day in the reserve, discovering the wonder of nature, go to Wikki’s Warm Spring.

Zuma Rock

The rock has a high position as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Other mountains in and around him remain at a considerable distance from him, which the inhabitants of Zuba see as an expression of respect for other mountains for Zuma Rock for his royal presence in this area. A visit to Zuma Rock from April to October, which marks the rainy season in central Nigeria, where the rock is located, would allow you to see the loudly discussed Zuma Rock Fire when Zuma Rock’s peak lights up under heavy rainfall.

Over time, it became one of the wonders of the Zuma Rock. This place is one of a kind in the whole world, and if you like to visit unique places, then take your airline ticketsto Nigeria to visit this place.


Located inland, directly north of the vast Lagos, the regional capital of Ogun is surrounded by large yam fields and corn farms, swaying savanna forest plants and palm oil. The historical location on important trade routes between the coast and the center of West Africa has led to the fact that previous residents erected fortifications from the grave throughout the old town, many of which can be seen today.

However, the stormy hills of the Olumo Rock, which soars on top of the city, really catch the eye. In this ancient natural fort, there is an excellent museum of culture, a handicraft store selling local works of art and caves that depict the human history of the Ogun region as a whole.

Kajuru Castle


Kajuru Castle is a luxury villa in the medieval-German style, built over 3 decades ago in the state of Kaduna in Nigeria. The villa was designed with dungeon-inspired bedrooms and several turrets with crenelated walls. The medieval motif is visible throughout the castle, and it even has bars with a crocodile. The castle includes a guest tower with 4 rooms and the main building with a knight’s hall and the master’s apartment.

There is an outdoor pool to cool down on hot days and a barbecue area right by the pool. From the pool and most of the castle windows, you can enjoy a fascinating view of the surrounding mountains and islands.The castle also has its own sauna. If you love ancient architecture and forts, then get your PIA online ticket bookingdone to Nigeria right now and visit Kajuru Castle because this place is for you.


Thanks to unusual and exotic cities, Nigeria is one of the most visited and most beautiful countries in West Africa. Giving visitors and locals the time they are waiting for. From the fast-growing economy to amazing tourist places, beautiful landscapes, fun, and vibrant nightlife, these Nigerian Cities have proven to be not only beautiful but also friendly.


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