Guidelines For AC Installation And Uninstallation

Nowadays we need air conditioners in our lifestyle to make our space cooler than outside. We commonly prefer window and split air conditioners. Both types of air conditioners have their own installation process.


  1. Window Air Conditioner
  • Firstly, we will discuss the installation of the window air conditioner. Installing a window air conditioner requires two people as the window AC is heavy to balance. The first step is to open the unit cover. Then mark the spot dimensionally where the AC is to fit. Set the bottom cover of the AC into the bottom of the window after proper marking. The unit should balance in such a way that the AC does not fall. Once the AC is set in the window, locks will be placed. The last step is to create a seal so that cool air does not escape. Center the unit in the window opening to prevent air from escaping through the side of ac unit. Insulating materials like foam padding, wooden panels, etc. can be used to prevent air leakage.
  • When it comes to uninstall the window AC unit. First of all, turn the unit off and unplug from the power source. After unplugging the AC unit, then remove the insulations pressed against the sides of the window AC unit. Then remove the front cover of the window AC, it can be removed without any tool but sometimes require a screwdriver. The next step is to remove the inner unit of the AC. You have to pull the inner unit out of the outer case using physical strength. It requires two people same as in the case of installation. After the removal of the inner unit, remove the outer case from the window unit with the help of a screwdriver.

2. Split Air Conditioner

  • Installation of split AC requires a different type of skill. It is a more advanced process. The first step in installing split AC is to decide where it is to be mounted and where to cut holes for those lines. Check the wall strength on which unit’s weight is to behold. There should be proper spacing between the wall and the AC unit. There should be 7-8 feet height above the ground to mount the indoor unit of split AC for proper cooling. Decide the correct location for the outside unit and place it properly on a flat and solid surface. Keep the minimum distance between the inside and outside unit.
  • There are three sections in installing a split AC. First is the outside condenser which is placed on a slab outside your workspace. It is placed outside because its running noises can disturb a lot. Ventilation is also increased for the hard-working coils of the condenser placed outside. The second part of the split AC is the inside vent which controls the temperature and delivers the cool air. The last part is the connectors, where copper wires are used to deliver refrigerant, electricity wires, and tubes that discharge the water formed in the outside cooling process.
  • Uninstallation of Split AC follows these steps. Disconnect the power source. Remove the copper wire which connects the inside and outside unit. During this put a bucket under it in order to catch the refrigerant spilling from the pipes. Then unscrew the inside unit from the wall. Remove the pipes and wires from the outside unit and unscrew the outside unit from the wall. Outside units are placed at heights so keep the safety factor first in your mind. You can cover the holes with cement left after uninstalling or leave them for next time installations if any required. For better performance you need to install and service these things from the best mechanics and Jumbo Services is one of the best agencies that is providing the best AC services in Chandigarh. Don’t repair or install it from untrained mechanics.

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