Easy Cakes Decoration Ideas At Home

Do you trust in love at first sight? This happens with many people because, at first, outer appearance is noticed, and inner qualities are observed later on. It is said that looks do not matter, but one should take care of outer beauty just in case. Looks can be enhanced by doing little efforts, and these efforts are crucial if you want to catch the attention, especially if you are into any kind of business. It is also said that the first impression is the last impression and some sellers even befool the public as they know people get attracted towards nice looking things. It is the custom to serve the food items in an attractive way to please the guests. They do garnishing and serve in bowls and plates of gorgeous designs to make it look delicious. You can make your cake look delicious with easy cake decoration ideas at home.

Cakes are sold in a wide variety of designs, and you can get them prepared with any print on them like a birthday photo cake or cake with any of your old memorable pictures. When people see the cakes of innovative designs displayed at the shops or their pictures are shown at the online stores, their mouths fill with water. Therefore, if you want to get compliments from your guests this time at your upcoming party, you can add the following things for the beautification of cakes.

Decoration Using Candies

Decorating cakes with candies is one of the good cake decoration ideas. Children love candies and chocolate, so why not to add their favorite candy or chocolate in their cakes. Some chocolates are the all-time favorite of all like dairy milk or Kit Kat. You can create beautiful patterns using colorful gems, jellies, or even chewing gums. One can easily make unique designs on the cake because of the various colors of these candies. Even a person who does not have any artistic skills to draw or create anything can design a cake effortlessly with the assistance of candies.

cake decoration ideas

Designs can be made using two or three colors only by pasting red gems on half of the cake and blue on the other half, which is simple as well as attractive. It is obvious that there should be the cream on the surface of the cake so that these can stick to the cake. The other simple pattern would be to place the jellies or candies or both of different colors in different rows on a cake. If you still find it hectic or you do not have much time for this, it is better for you to order cake online Gurgaon decorated with favorite chocolate or candies of your kid and give him or her a surprise.

Designs On Cake Using Fruits

Fruits can be cut in different shapes like apples can be cut in the shape of roses and can be placed on cakes. You can choose the fruit of the color, which can complement the color of the cake, which means that the color of the cream is applied to the cake.

fruit cake

For example, strawberries would look better on the cake of blue or white color or of the combination of both colors. You do not have to make much effort as you can just simply cut the thin slices of strawberry and place it on the half side of the cake, and on the other half, you can draw any design using a cream tube which you can easily make. This could be a great pattern. Moreover, these fruits provide good nutrition to your body like strawberries are rich in vitamin c, so this is a bonus for you.

Decoration Using Wafers

You would probably enjoy the crispiness of wafers in a cake, and these are light to eat, which means these can be digested easily. It can be hard for some people to digest heavy sweets, particularly old or weak people. Therefore they can add the light ingredients or can get them added when they are ordering their favorite heart-shaped birthday cake.

wafers cake

You can use the wafers dipped in cream of any color or chocolate whichever suits on your cake and make them stand on the sides of the cake either vertically or horizontally. A combination of fruits and wafers can be used for making any pattern, and for those cakes of kids, a combination of candies and wafers can be one of good cake decoration ideas.

Decorations Using Dry Fruits

As you know that dry fruits are rich in calories and omega 3 acids, you should consume them on a regular basis, but you can get bored of eating them regularly. Here is a solution for you; you can mix them in any desert or any food item. Adding almonds on the surface of a chocolate cake would look suitable because of the color combination.

dry fruit cake

These should be chopped in small pieces and can be pasted on one-fourth surface of the cake, and you use the pieces of cashews or other nuts on the rest of the area. These are just simple patterns that can be made if you are in a hurry or you are not so creative, or you just do not have the option to buy the cake from the store. Otherwise, if you want a cake of innovative
design, then better purchase it from any bakery shop or from any online website which is famous for cakes.

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