Does Sativa Make You Tired or Hyper?

Let’s quickly review cannabinoids in general before starting. In a nutshell, they refer to the substances in marijuana that cause you to feel high. Over 60 cannabinoids are found so far, each having a unique impact on the brain. But a question arises: Does sativa make you tired or hyper? All three cannabis species—cannabis sativa, sativa indica, and cannabis ruderalis—contain these substances. Despite the fact that all three share some similarities, they also all have some noteworthy differences.

One of the more well-liked strains is sativa. In addition, it can grow to a height of over six meters, whereas India can only reach heights of two to four meters.

Sativa strains originate in Central Asia, a region near the equator where seasonal changes in daylight hours are minimal. This enables them to complete their growing and flowering processes during comparatively consistent times.

Most people know about sativa for its psychoactive qualities. But it also offers a great deal more advantages than just reviving your mind. Additionally, sativa relieves pain, lowers anxiety, and aids in the treatment of addiction, stress, depression, cancer, and epilepsy.

Does Sativa Make You Tired or Happy? Can Sativa Keep You Up at Night?

Sativa is known for its “head high” because Sativa plants are frequently high in THC.   

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the primary psychoactive component of cannabis. It interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body and causes the euphoric high that you would typically get from marijuana use. 

The majority of readily available Sativa strains are famous for having high limonene concentrations. A terpene called limonene may have an upbeat or energizing effect. Sativa is well known for its energizing and calming effects. As a result, using Sativa-dominant strains is frequently linked to feeling creative and productive. Fully, that’s not the best outcome for someone who wants to get eight hours of sleep at night.

What Makes Indica and Sativa Different? Does Sativa Make You Tired or Happy?

Indica typically has a reputation for being a knockout in comparison to Sativa. Does sativa make you tired or happy? In other words, people typically find it easier to fall asleep on Sativa is more often linked to mental clarity and productivity, the two varieties of cannabis also differ in a few other ways of cannabis.


Sativa and indica strains can vary from one another with ease. Whereas Sativas grow taller than Indicas despite having leaves that resemble each other. Indica strains typically have shorter, wider leaves and a short, stocky build. Taller and with thinner leaves are sativas. 


Despite having similar chemical profiles, Indica vs Sativa are known to have different effects because Sativa tends to contain more THC and Indica tends to contain more CBD or cannabidiol. So,  a question may come to your mind, Does sativa make you tired or hyper? Yes, sativas cause a high in the head. They might energize and cheer you up. They increase your alertness, sharpness, and productivity. Indicas, on the other hand, despite having a slightly lower THC content, give you a pleasant body high. In most cases, the high CBD content reduces anxiety, insomnia, or physical pain. They increase your appetite, make you feel drowsy and calm, and improve your sleep.

Negative Effects

However, despite the fact that both Indica and Sativa have a variety of appealing advantages, they also both have some negative side effects.  These symptoms include low blood pressure, dry eyes, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, lethargy, dry mouth, and irritated lungs. Their outcomes are also not certain. More chemicals than just CBD and THC are present in Indica and Sativa, though not all of them have received in-depth research. The way they affect you also depends on individual body chemistry.

Which Strains Are The Most Calming?

Can marijuana actually aid in sleep, then? Yes, to answer briefly. Yes, but it depends on the strain you want to use, is the long answer. Certain strains contain higher levels of CBD which produces a hypnotic and sleep-inducing effect, there are so many available strains out there, and they’re not all the same. The amount of THC and CBD that each strain contains should be taken into account when deciding which one to purchase. Usually, strains with high CBD and low THC content are suggested for sleep.

ACDC, Charlotte’s Web, Ringo’s Gift, and 3D CBD are a few examples. These are all CBD-dominant strains that have a reputation for promoting restful sleep. However, they also contain THC, so if you consume in large doses it can cause a head high.

What Are Sativa’s Most Prevalent Side Effects?

When sativa or Sativa dominant strains are used, an uplifted or energizing feeling is frequently. In a sense, it gives you a high.  to speak.  People become more focused and creative as a result of it. Additionally, it might make you less cautious and more willing to take risks. Dry mouth and an elevated heart rate are two less desirable side effects. 

Why Does Sativa Have a Stimulating Effect?

Although marijuana has stimulant and depressant properties, how it affects a particular person’s body chemistry will vary. THC, the cannabinoid that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects, is abundant in Sativa or Sativa dominant strains. Dopamine is released from brain cells when THC stimulates them, giving users a high-like high. It can also produce an energizing effect

Conclusion: Does Sativa Make You Tired or Happy

Sativa has many advantages, but one of them isn’t necessarily helping you fall asleep. Just keep in mind that not all strains are created equally and that they may actually interfere with your sleep cycle, especially if you don’t know what chemicals are in them. In addition to THC content, the methods used to cultivate the strains and extract the chemicals have a significant impact on the quality of cannabis products. Perhaps you’ve heard about the powerful delta 8 edibles on the market, but you’re unsure of what makes them so special. The first factor is the strength of the edible cannabis products. Then there are all the various psychological and physical benefits that eating edibles containing delta 8 can provide for both men and women

We know  how crucial sleep is. Also not getting enough sleep has an impact on your social life and work obligations in addition to your health. We also understand that using sedatives like sleeping pills can result in more issues than they’re worth.

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