We get to hear this often these days about cloud kitchen as they are getting quite popular among the youngsters.  A lot of people might have come across the question whether it is a good business model, what are the estimates of setting up a Ghost kitchen or could it become the dream startup that almost everyone of us dreams off. If you are one of them then guess what you have come to the right place and get all answers to your queries related to it.

What is cloud kitchen?

Cloud Kitchens also known as Ghost Kitchens or Virtual Restaurants are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. They are kitchens built for take away deliveries only and can be discovered through a website or food delivery app. The increase in this trend rose because of operational costs for a traditional restaurant and the demand for food delivery which made people ditch the mainstream dining.

How to setup and operate cloud kitchen?

With the rising competition and ever-growing technology, the food space has been eruptive for quite some time. While the cloud kitchen business is cost- effective restaurant format, it takes a lot to succeed. The concept of a cloud kitchen is simple all you need to have a space it could be your home, garage, basement it could be anywhere. A fssai license and tax registration are also necessary and equipments for working are  required hence makes it hassle-free and cost-efficient  the estimated cost of setting up a cloud kitchen in metropolitan cities in India like Delhi Mumbai  Chennai varies from 2,00,000-7,00,000 INR depending upon the equipments and diversity of cuisines . Having a social media presence, advertising and managing inventory are the most important measures that are to be taken for operating the “only- delivery “restaurant.

Effect of Pandemic

The pandemic had led a lot of loss to many sectors and industry in India as it slowed down the production due to the national lockdown but the cloud kitchen has experienced a boom in its stats because people have started to trust them with as they are least interacted to people and because of no contact delivery the pandemic has been beneficial to this industry.

Cloud kitchen franchise in India

The concept of cloud kitchen in India was introduced in India by faasos which is a branch of rebel foods which took orders on twitter back then in 2011 and is still growing because of its excellent marketing strategies According to industry experts, these clouds kitchens take the brands to where customers are, instead of making customers reach out to brands. Global players like KFC too have not shied away from piloting the cloud kitchen. A sum of money 30 – 40 lakhs is to be submitted and 2 lakhs as security and for licensing is to be deposited for big brands like KFC. The core objective to widen reach and move closer to the customers.

Zomato kitchen also give franchise through which a person can earn 2-3 lakhs INR in a month with an investment of 20-30 lakhs . While the minimum area requirement is 2000-3000 sq.ft, franchising is open for locations across India and big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

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