20 Amazing Places To Visit In Greece


Greece is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Greece with great ancient history along with sandy beaches, thousand of islands & a vast stretch of heavenly experience in the middle of Balkan that you don’t want to miss out for anyone.Know more about the amazing places in Greece.

Here Are 20 Amazing Places That You Can Visit To Make Your Itinerary Complete:


The capital of Greece is additionally one of its most interesting objections. It is home to the renowned Acropolis on its sacrosanct stone, with its numerous landmarks (counting the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, Nike, and the Erectheion), just as the Athenian Agora, the memorable Plaka area, and endless stunning galleries. The city is additionally an incredible door to investigating all the astounding islands close by.

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Thought about a hallowed site by the antiquated Greeks, Delphi was once thought to be the focal point of the world, and home to priestesses and prophets of Apollo. The mysterious safe-haven at the foot of Mount Parnassos is one of the most intriguing archeological destinations in Greece. These incorporate an old theater, the Temple of Apollo, the Stoa of the Athenians, a hippodrome, an arena, and a recreation center.


This site in the western Peloponnese was the site of the antiquated Olympic Games, held like clockwork starting in 776 B.C. to respect Zeus. Its Altis – or safe-haven to the divine beings – has loads of works of art from the old Greek world. You can likewise visit the sanctuaries of Zeus and Hera, the antiquated arena, the exercise room, and the workshop of old Greece stone carver Phidias.

The Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades Islands are among the most amazing places in Greece. It has more than 50 islands, and among them are Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Ios, Paros, Naxos, Milos, Serifos, and Syros. Santorini, maybe the most notorious of these, is known for its pleasant towns, and its marvelous volcanic view and caldera, while the similarly mainstream Mykonos is a famous gathering objective and has seashores, bars, and eateries. As indicated by legend, Delos is the place Apollo and Artemis were destined to Leto and was hallowed to the antiquated Greeks. Today, it is an outdoor gallery.

places to visit in greece


Found near the pleasant town of Nafplio, Epidaurus is the archeological site of the Sanctuary of God Asclepius. It is known for its old theater that was implicit in the late fourth century BC to have strict services out of appreciation for Asclepius (the divine force of medication) is as yet being used today. The site is likewise home to sanctuaries and emergency clinic structures committed to its recuperating divine beings.


The biggest of the numerous Greek Islands, Crete was once home to the old Minoan Civilization. Make certain to visit the Minoan Palace of Knossos close to the town of Heraklion, just as the Palace at Phaistos close to Sivas. The progress was cleared out by a progression of quakes, at that point an ejection of the Santorini fountain of liquid magma in 1450 BC, a similar one that destroyed Akrotiri. The island is additionally home to the Samaria National Park, and the astonishing Samaria Gorge, the longest in Europe. You can likewise observe numerous fresher royal residences, houses of worship, and cloisters, (for example, the Venetian Koules Fortress and Chrissokalitissa and Arkadi Monasteries) around the island.


Situated in Thessaly, in focal Greece, the colossal one of a kind normal mainstays of Meteora (which means suspended noticeable all around) are likewise home to one of the most fantastic Eastern Orthodox Byzantine cloister buildings. They are roosted on the enormous stones and rock developments. The region is additionally ideal for open-air exercises, for example, rock climbing, climbing, and kayaking.

The Dodecanese Islands

These are the remote Islands are unbelievably near the Turkish drift and one of the most amazing places in Greece. There are more than 160 islands, however, just a couple of them are possessed. These incorporate Rhodes, the biggest of the islands, just as Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos, Leros, Halki, Symi, Lipsi, Pserimos, Tilos, and Nisyros. The memorable Rhodes was once home to the Knights of St. John in the fourteenth century, and its old town is a UNESCO site, while Patmos is supposed to be the place St John himself was enlivened to compose the Book of Apocalypse.

Vikos – Aoös National Park

Situated in the Epirus district of north-western Greece, the staggering Vikos – Aoös National Park is spread over a territory of more than 12,600 hectares. Built-up in 1973, the recreation center is brimming with astounding canyons, caverns, waterways, lakes, and woods. It is additionally home to deer, wolves, and bears. The recreation center is the ideal spot for open-air exercises, for example, climbing, ascending, and mountain biking, boating, and kayaking.


The second biggest city in Greece, Thessaloniki is a significant center point toward the north of the nation. Supposed to be one the main bases for the spread of Christianity it is home to numerous excellent Byzantine structures and temples. It likewise has many astounding Roman landmarks, for example, the Arch of Galerius and the fourth century Rotunda. The city is additionally near the beguiling towns of Macedonia and the northern Aegean islands.

Prespa Lakes

Prespa National Park in the Florina area is home to the magnificent pools of Mikri and MegaliPrespa. Encased by forcing mountains, they sit among Greece and Albania and are home to a differing scope of flying creatures and fish species. The area is the ideal objective for those searching for a peaceful escape, or for fowl watching enthusiasts.

The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Sea is toward the north of the terrain and is home to around 25 islands. One of the most notable is Corfu, which is simply off the shoreline of Albania. It is home to a beautiful Old Town just as beguiling towns and surprising seashores. Kefalonia to its south is likewise known for its stunning seashores, just as rich timberlands and the Melissani Cave with its underground lake. Further toward the south is Zakynthos (or Zante), which is known for its characteristic magnificence, and the Zakynthos National Marine Park. You can likewise visit the other Ionian Islands – Ithaca, Paxi, Meganissi, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

 amazing places to visit in greece


This sustained town on Mount Taygetos in the Peloponnese is situated close to the town of Sparti. Mystras (or Mistras) was at one time an incredible Byzantine city. Today, the braced old town and its royal residence are known for their stunning wonderful Byzantine holy places with striking frescoes, just as the astonishing nature around it. The fresher region of the town is additionally very pleasant, with customary houses and beguiling squares.

Mount Parnassos National Park

Situated close to the old destinations of Delphi and Arachova, Mount Parnassos is most popular for its ski resorts. The encompassing public park covers a region of more than 14,570 hectares. It is home to a different scope of vegetation. It is additionally a famous objective for mountain biking and climbing. Also read more about Natural Wonders In America


This beautiful seaside town in the Peloponnese is a mainstream end of the week location from Athens. It was the primary capital of the advanced Greek State in 1828 after it picked up its autonomy from the Ottoman Empire until Athens took over in 1834. Its limited roads are loaded up with enchanting neoclassical chateaus secured with hanging plants and blossoms, just as concealed temples and bistros. You can likewise visit the eighteenth-century Palamidi Fortress.

The Argosaronic Islands

Found near Athens, the Argosaronic islands are an ideal fast break from the city. The fundamental islands are Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Methana, Salamis, Hydra, and Spetses. Salmis is the site of the antiquated Greek maritime triumph over the Persians, and a large portion of different islands have an assortment of beguiling seashores and occasion homes.


The locale of Polylimnio is one of Peloponnese’s tricks of the trade. Situated close to the waterfront town of Kalamata, it is loaded with stunning lakes and cascades, just as lavish green woodlands and tight chasms. Notwithstanding, the greater part of the locale must be gotten to through some long climbs, yet they are unquestionably worth the outing.


Bassae is an archeological site in the town of Visalia. When part of the antiquated area of Arcadia, it is home to the magnificent Temple of Apollo Epicurius. Inherent the fifth century BC, it is fairly taken out from other significant antiquated Greek locales, however, is strikingly very much saved. A large number of its frieze models can be found in the British Museum in London.

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Concealed in the Pindus Mountains in Epirus, the detached Zagori district is home to a gathering of stone towns, aggregately known as Zagorohoria. They are encircled by stunning scenes, and the district is a mainstream objective for climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, and boating. You can likewise visit the close by Vikos Gorge, one of the most profound on the planet.

The Sporades Islands

The Sporades Islands are situated off the eastern shoreline of territory Greece. Of its eleven islands, just four are for all time occupied – Skyros, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skiathos. Skiathos is the most famous of these, with its numerous sandy seashores, however, all the islands have customary ships to and from them. The ocean around these islands is an aspect of the Alonissos Marine Park, which ensures the imperiled Mediterranean priest seal and other wild creatures.


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