10 Best Exercise Without Equipments For Parents

Exercise for seniors

An old saying goes: “You are as old as you feel.” Moderate fitness exercises are recommended at all ages. Gymnastics for seniors doesn’t just contribute to the general well-being. Training for seniors maintains flexibility in muscles and joints.

But especially in the cold season, it is difficult for us to do something for our fitness regularly because it is often too cold outside for long walks or other outdoor sports.

Today, I’ll be talking about exercises for the elderly in winter.

  • Do you not know which senior gymnastics is suitable?
  • Do you have physical limitations and cannot take part in every activity?

Do not worry! Healthpally has put together ten practical exercises for seniors in winter, taking any physical limitations into account.

With my workout, you stay fit even in the winter months, and you can look forward to the coming spring now.

Senior Gymnastics For A Healthy Back

The back is usually a problem when people get old. It’s not even synonymous with old age alone. Very young people already complain of back pain due to a wrong posture or a lack of movement.

It is effortless to effectively strengthen your back in just a few minutes a day.

  • Cat Exercise 

Stand comfortably and bend your knees slightly. Now make a rounded back, put your hands on your knees, and point your head down.

Then go into the hollow back and slowly turn your head backward. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Alternative: you can’t stand well? Then sit on a chair and slowly bring your hands towards your legs, as far as possible, down to your feet and back again. Strengthen your hips for pain-free movement

excercise for seniors

  • Exercise Using The Legs

You can do this exercise easily in your everyday daily life. Hold on to a chair and stretch the outer leg ten times and lower it again.

  • Switch Sides

This exercise is beneficial for seniors if you are otherwise somewhat unsteady on one leg, as the chair gives you sufficient support. You can also repeat this exercise by swinging your leg back and forth, says Healthpally. 

When doing exercises for the elderly in winter, don’t forget your thighs. 

You Can Train Correctly With The Help Of The Following Exercise:

  • Bend it Low

This training unit requires coordination and is carried out in three positions: Stand on one leg (if you are unsure, support yourself on a chair) and touch the opposite heel with your free hand.

Then touch the thigh and, in the last position, connect the insole of the foot with your hand. Senior gymnastics is too dull for them.

Then try out the basic principle of the dance of the same name.

  • Balance

If you rest, you lose. Make sure you have an active sense of balance even in the winter months with suitable senior gymnastics.

Stand on one leg now and then, bend the other and hold it with your hand. Repeat the exercise several times for each leg.

  • Active Arms And Hands

Don’t forget to strengthen your arms and hands during your workout. These exercises for the elderly in winter are significantly often forgotten.

If you are fit, standing with small dumbbells can do something for the muscles of your arms every day by gently lifting and lowering the weights.

  • Fit legs and Feet

When doing gymnastics for seniors, the training of legs and feet is also crucial in winter. It is about building up the muscles and maintaining general mobility, says Healthpally boss. 

To do this, you must stay on the ball and train your legs several times a week during the cold season. Simple exercises that involve raising and lowering your legs are highly practical.

Here Are Suitable Suggestions For Leg And Foot Gymnastics

  • Picking Apples

To do this, stand up straight and stretch your arms upwards. Now, alternately, quickly grabbing your hands in the air as if you were about to pick apples. 

This training for seniors in winter can also be done while sitting. It is remarkably easy to bend the upper body while standing. 

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your upper body alternately to the right and left. This training is one of the simplest but also the most efficient exercises for older people in winter.

excercise for seniors

  • Strengthen The Entire Back

For this exercise, lie on your stomach. Flier exercise: In the prone position and with your arms close to your body, carefully lift your back, hold it and then lower it again.

Please keep your head straight during this senior gymnastics and systematically increase the number of repetitions every day.

This exercise will strengthen your back, thighs, and arms. However, please do not forget to relax briefly in between before repeating the exercise.

  • Exercise For Healthy Veins

Venous health also plays a vital role in winter exercises for older people. To do this, lie on your back and stretch your legs upwards. 

Then pull the tips of your feet towards you and stretch them away again. Repeat this exercise several times. In keeping with this exercise, you can also step on your tiptoe and lower it from time to time while standing.

Exercise For Seniors In Winter – Which Ones Are Suitable? 

With our ten tips, older people not only stay fit in the cold season but have already done something for their health and well-being in just a few minutes a day. Stay healthy!


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